"You will face many defeats in your life but never let yourself be defeated"

Maya Angelou

"It is a joy to be hidden and a disaster not to be found"

Donald Winnicott


I am passionate about therapy and the enriching benefits that it can bring.


As an integrative psychotherapist, I draw upon my training in a range of psychotherapeutic disciplines to tailor my approach to the need of the client in front of me and the therapeutic relationship that develops between us.  


I am informed by and practice psychotherapy through integrating psychodynamic theories which advocate that early experiences and relationships are important in shaping us, and humanistic theories which emphasise the power of awareness, presence and self-actualisation tendencies.


My client base is drawn from a variety of occupations, ethnicities, cultures and adult age groups.


When life becomes troubling, stressful or painful it can also feel isolating.  It may be difficult or inappropriate to share those feelings with family, friends or colleagues.  Even if those who are close to you are willing to help, they may not be best placed to offer the confidential and non-judgemental environment required to be fully heard and understood.


Whether you have a clear sense of what is troubling you or simply feel distressed without knowing why, counselling and psychotherapy can usually help.


Whilst the decision to seek help can be daunting, with the right counsellor or psychotherapist, it might also be one of the most empowering decisions you make.


To find out more about counselling and psychotherapy and how I can help you, please read on.

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